Rind, Be Gone – Shin Dong-yup
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Rind, Be Gone – Shin Dong-yup

Rind, Be Gone Shin Dong-yup (1930-1969) Rind, be gone. Leaving only the kernel of April, Rind, be gone. Rind, be gone. Leaving the shouts from Gongju in Donghak revolution, Rind, be gone. Hence, again, Rind, be gone. Here, in the wedding hall of neutrality, Glowing with shyness, Asadal and Asanyeo Shall stand and bow at each … Continue reading

Spring  – Shin Dong-yup
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Spring – Shin Dong-yup

Spring Shin Dong-yup (1930-1969) Spring comes neither from the southern sea nor the northern land. From Jeju to Duman river, generous and shimmering glance of spring arises from the stunning farmlands, where we’ve stepped on. Though winter drove a fierce snowstorm into the sea and the land, the generous spring that will now arrive shall … Continue reading