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Franz Kafka – Oh Kyu Won

Franz Kafka

Oh Kyu Won (1947-2007)

Charles Baudelaire    800 won
Carl Sandburg            800 won
Franz Kafka                800 won
Yves Bonnefoy           1,000 won
Erica Jong                   1,000 won
Gaston Bachelard     1,200 won
Ihab Hassan               1,200 won
Jeremy Rifkin             1,200 won
Jürgen Habermas      1,200 won

Sitting by my crazy student
who wants to study poetry,
I drink
the cheapest coffee,
Franz Kafka

(Translated by Jido Ahn. June 2017)

oh.jpegLearn more about the poet: Oh Kyu Won

프란츠 카프카

오규원 (1947~2007)

          – MENU –
 샤를르 보들레르         800원
칼 샌드버그               800원
프란츠 카프카            800원
이브 본느프와          1,000원
예리카 종                1,000원
가스통 바슐라르      1,200원
이하브 핫산             1,200원
제레미 리프킨          1,200원
위르겐 하버마스       1,200원

시를 공부하겠다는
미친 제자와 앉아
커피를 마신다
제일 값싼
프란츠 카프카


It was a pretty straight-forward translation. But I remember being positively shocked when I first saw this poem as an early teen, so when I came across this poem again today, I decided to share the poem on my blog.


Photo from Hankook Ilbo

2 thoughts on “Franz Kafka – Oh Kyu Won

    • Hmm, good question. I got curious after seeing your comment so I searched Naver to see what people say about him, but I couldn’t find anything else than brief summaries of his books.

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