Call for Contributors

UPDATE: Because Nabillera relies on volunteers, we are always looking for contributors to keep a reasonable workload. The schedule and workload are flexible, and volunteers have great freedom of choosing when and how much to work on every edition. For more details about the magazine and the positions we are looking for, please find the information below:


Nabillera: Contemporary Korean Literature is kicking off with its first edition in fall 2017. This edition will be featuring emerging novelists and poets who were born in the year of Seoul Olympics (1988) and now turned thirty years old in Korean age. As individuals who were in the middle of the generational shift, what do these young writers have to say?

When it is released, Nabillera will be one of the few literary journals that introduce Korean literature in English. Unlike other magazines, Nabillera focuses on the contemporary writers who are currently active in the Korean literary circle, not limited to young and emerging writers. Our hope is to provide a bigger and fuller picture of contemporary Korean literature to foreign readers, and we value the presence of emerging writers. In addition, Nabillera is planning to include a section where subscribers may share their interests in Korean literature, ranging from a letter to a writer to poems crafted in Korean.

To read the entire text, please visit our fundraising website.
If you want to know what we have been up to, please visit our Nabillera Official Facebook.

Open Positions


  • Literary translator (# in need: unlimited)
    • Literature or other humanities major preferred (not required)
    • Have a great command of English grammar and style. Note that this means much more than having native proficiency.  You should have been regularly exposed to respectable literary works and know how to construct a sentence and a paragraph in a proper style.
    • Have experience translating Korean literature to English (or be ready to show your ability to translate literary text)
    • A native English speaker with advanced Korean proficiency (able to read modern Korean novels and poems in Korean and comprehend them fully)
    • OR a native Korean speaker with bilingual English proficiency (have lived in English-speaking countries for a considerable period)
  • Editor (unlimited)
    • English native speaker. At least some Korean proficiency preferred but not must. Cultural understanding of Korea is a must.
    • Literature or other humanities major
    • MUST have a formal experience of editing. Undergraduate magazines and newspapers are acceptable.
    • Have an exquisite command of grammar and formatting
  • Facebook Communicator (one)
    • Create contents on Facebook with one of our communicators
    • Respond to Facebook messages and comments
    • MUST have reading knowledge in Korean
    • Have a great command of English grammar

If you’re interested, please direct your email to If you’re interested in becoming translators, please attach three translation samples. Each translation must be from different writer or poet, and at least two of them must be poetry. In addition, please include your experience, why you’re interested in this, and how long you may contribute to this project. I’m looking for someone who will be involved long-term although not limited to that. Again, this is unpaid, volunteer position. Every single one of our members, including me, is volunteering for this project.

Thank you and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!



One thought on “Call for Contributors

  1. Reblogged this on my {seoul} dream and commented:
    Seouldream followers, 안녕하세요! I was invited to join my friend and fellow Humans of Seoul member’s project of translating and introducing contemporary Korean writers and poets via a web quarterly. In turn I am extending the invitation to all of you. To our knowledge, nothing of this kind currently exists, so this is a fantastic opportunity for translators, lit majors with an editor’s keen eye, and webmasters with an interest in Korean literature to get involved in an exciting new project. Please see the original ad for what qualifications are needed and how to join. I am looking forward what we accomplish together!

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