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The Dessin – Kim Gwang-gyun

The Dessin

Kim Gwang-gyoon (1914-1993)

Telephone poles slant one by one
In the sunset beautiful as though spice is sprinkled.

Far away— Night illuminates over the powerlines.

Are a bouquet of roses
Recklessly painted on a violet paper.

The path across the field is desolate
Like the flag in the ranch and the apple trees
That would be gone if they are blown.

(Translated by Jido Ahn. September 2016)

KimGG.jpgLearn more about the poet: Kim Gwang-gyun (1914-1993)

데셍 – 김광균

향료를 뿌린 듯 곱단한 노을 위에
전신주 하나하나 기울어지고

먼- 고가선 위에 밤이 켜진다.

보라빛 색지 위에
마구 칠한 한 다발 장미

목장의 깃발도, 능금나무도
부을면 꺼질 듯이 외로운 들길.

Photo source: ExpressNews.com

Kim Gwang-gyoon is also known as Kim Gwang-gyun

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