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Chilseok – Kwak Jae-gu


Kwak Jae-gu (1954 – )

While picking the flower seeds
by her worn palm,
in the field of moss roses,
my grandma


left to the heaven,
befriending the day moon
that came to this world on an outing.

An elegant, blue ramie jacket
in the cedar chest
followed my grandma
to the heaven, too.

(Translated by Jido Ahn. March 2016)



Learn more about the poet: Kawk Jae-gu (1954 – )




우리 할머니
채송화 꽃밭에서
손금 다 닳아진 손으로
꽃씨 받으시다가

이승길 구경 나온
낮달 동무 삼아
하늘길 갔다

반닫이 속
쪽물 고운 모시적삼도
할머니 따라
하늘길 갔다.


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Photo source: Woman Donga

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