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Classroom with a View of the Sea 10 – Cleaning Window – Jeong Ilgeun


Classroom with a View of the Sea 10 – Cleaning Window

Jeong  Ilgeun (1958-)

It’s truly clear:
A sheet of glass window
Which has been tenderly cleaned by Yeol, Yeol,
Who can barely write his name

Remote shoreline and loving brother islands,
A sheet of autumn sea
That is dazzling as it is

Ah, Over there is a truly clear world,
Which Yeol has drawn with his tender heart

(Translated by Jido Ahn. January 2016)

바다가 보이는 교실 10 – 유리창 청소

정일근 (1958-)

참 맑아라
겨우 제 이름밖에 쓸 줄 모르는
열이, 열이가 착하게 닦아놓은
유리창 한 장

먼 해안선과 다정한 형제섬
그냥 그대로 눈이 시린
가을 바다 한 장

열이의 착한 마음으로 그려놓은
아아, 참으로 맑은 세상 저기 있으니


This poem appears in the middle school first grade (7th grade) Korean textbook. Although his poems are well-recognized, Jeong doesn’t have any Wikipedia page in Korean or English. I’m hoping to update his page any time soon.

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