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Lake – Jeong Jiyong

In this post, I decided to use translation that is not my own. If you want to check where the translation comes from, click here and here.
I will further introduce the website at the end of the post.

Lake 1

A face
Can take shelter
Deep in two hands,

But the longing heart,
Large as a lake-
can only shut the eyes.

Lake 2

A mallard’s neck
Coils the lake.

A mallard’s neck
Constantly tickles.

(Lake 1 was published in 1935)


learn more about the poet: Jeong Jiyong (1902-1950?)


얼골 하나 야
손바닥 둘 로
폭 가리지 만,

보고싶은 마음
호수 만 하니
눈 감을 밖에.


호수를 감는다.

자꼬 간지러워.

I brought theses translations from Jeong Jiyong Memorial Official English Website. Check under Work of Art > Appreciation of His Literature for more works of Jeong.
This website is the most comprehensive literary memorial website in English. If you want to read his poems in Korean, here’s the link to Jeong Jiyong Memorial Official Korean Website. I don’t think I’ll need to introduce any work from Jeong, but since Lake 1 appears in middle school first grade (7th) Korean textbook, I decided to introduce him and Jeong Jiyong Memorial’s website.

Jeong is also known as Cheong Chi-yong.

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