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The Sea and the Butterfly – Kim Kirim

The Sea and the Butterfly
Kim Kirim (1908-?)
Because nobody told her how deep the water is,
The white butterfly is never afraid of the sea.
She descents, thinking it is a blue radish farm,
Then jadedly returns like a princess
With her callow wings soaked by the waves.
A blue crescent moon is chilly at the waist of the butterfly
Who is sad because the March sea hasn’t bloomed.
(translated by Jido Ahn. December 2015)
 learn more about the poet: Kim Kirim (1908-?)
바다와 나비
아모도 그에게 水深을 일러 준 일이 없기에
힌나비는 도모지 바다가 무섭지않다.
靑무우밭인가해서 나려갔다가는
어린날개가 물결에 저러서

公主처럼 지쳐서 도라온다.

三月달 바다가 꽃이피지않어서 서거푼
나비허리에 새파란초생달이 시리다.


This poem appears in the third grade of middle school Korean textbook (9th grade)


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