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Empty House – Ki Hyongdo

Empty House
Ki Hyongdo (1960-1989)
After the loss of love, I write:
Farewell, nights that were brief,
winter mists that roamed outside the window,
candle lights that were clueless, farewell.
Blank paper that were waiting for horror,
tears that replaced hesitation,
farewell, the desire that is no longer mine.
Like a blind man I grope and lock the door.
My poor love is locked in the empty house.
(translated by Jido Ahn. Nov. 2015)



Learn more about the poet: Ki Hyongdo (1960-1989)

기형도 (1960-1989)
사랑을 잃고 나는 쓰네
잘있거라, 짧았던 밤들아
창밖을 떠돌던 겨울안개들아
아무것도 모르던 촛불들아, 잘 있거라
공포를 기다리던 흰 종이들아
망설임을 대신하던 눈물들아
잘 있거라, 더 이상 내것이 아닌 열망들아
장님처럼 나 이제 더듬거리며 문을 잠그네
가엾은 내 사랑 빈집에 갇혔네


(Ki Hyongdo is also known as Gi Hyeongdo.)

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