Korea Literary Tour

Useful Links

Before posting the first blog entry for my tour, I’d post some useful links that will enhance your understanding of my journey.

Korean Literature

Some informational articles about Korean Literature

Literature Translation Institute of Korea

Brother Anthony(of Taize)’s English Translation of Korean literature

Chae-Pyeong Song’s English Translation of Korean poetry (Chae-Pyeong Song passed away in February 2013 due to colon cancer.)

Left, Write, Lit (K-Lit translation blog)


General Information

South Korean map

North Korean map (No, I’m not traveling North Korea.  But some major modern Korean poets are North Koreans or from the provinces that are now North Korea. This happened because North Korea was officially a country only after April 1948, and modern Korean poets were born and grew up before then.)

Korean railroad system (The only thing I should add is that Saemaeul is not at all the “First Class” train.  It was, until KTX (Korean high speed express train) started to run in 2004, but not any more. I know what the guide’s trying to say, but don’t expect anything fancy from Saemaeul.)

Brief History of Korea

Wilson Center’s Modern Korean History Portal

I’ll be updating more links as I find them useful.

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